Meet Lorraine and Tabitha!

Lorraine is about 17 weeks old and just around four pounds! She’s super affectionate and just a lovely kitten.

Tabitha is about nine months old and is sweet, but shy.

Lorraine definitely has to go to a home that has a friend for her. Don’t have a friend? Well, we are offering a little deal... if you adopt Lorraine and Tabitha together, we are cutting their fees down by $70! ($155 total - This is only valid with this adoption combo.)

Tabitha is a super shy, but a very nice cat. She’s laid back, just verrrry laid back. She loves other cats. Tabitha is only about nine months old and definitely has time to become less shy. It’s often hard for shy tabbies to get adopted, so that is why we are offering this incentive.

Lorraine narrowly beat death, she was found FROZEN TO A WATER DISH... yes, you read that right. Frozen just from trying to get a drink. Luckily she was quite literally thawed and revived... and she lives to tell the tale.