Meet Wendy!

Wendy is a young, beautiful tortie. She is only about 11 months old and very petite. Wendy enjoys fully embodying her tortitude. So much so that we call her the Dame of Disdain.

Yep, she’s a special cat. She LOVES other cats. She’s super playful with them. Humans on the other hand... she can take them or leave them.

Wendy was born in a feral colony with her siblings... so she can be very mistrustful of humans and needs A LOT of patience.

She allows her foster mom to pet her and interact with her... even medicating her isn’t much of an issue, she will just never be a lap cat.

Wendy is likely best suited for someone who wants to open their home to a beautiful cat that needs love and patience. She can be a companion to an existing resident cat. Wendy most definitely needs to go to a home that has cat experience.

Due to the fact that she’s skittish, young kids and energetic dogs would not be a match for her.