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St. Trappening 2022

Over one weekend in September of 2020, we trapped & fixed 30 cats and dubbed it "The Trappening".


We're doing it again! In conjunction with HCMT, we are setting out to trap a colony of 25 cats over one weekend. Trapping begins on 3/11/22 and the cats will be fixed on 3/13/22 by HCMT!

We need volunteers! We need so much help with trapping, trap prep, transport, cat care, and help at the HCMT clinic. Volunteer sign up can be found here: 

We also need supplies! We need: traps, pee pads, cut cardboard for traps, wet cat food, canned fish, paper food boats, paper towels, garbage bags, tarps, water, snacks, and more! Check out our Amazon wishlist for some of the items we need: 

Monetary donations also help a TON! Any leftover funds will be donated to HCMT. To donate, go to:

We also made St. Trappening shirts and sweatshirts to support the event. Proceeds will benefit this event and any leftover funds will be donated to HCMT! To purchase, go to: 

Please share so we can drum up as much interest as possible!

Drop us a line if you have any questions.


Thank you!

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